Protection Volunteer At Cultivate to Educate Foundation (CEF)


Protection Volunteer At Cultivate to Educate Foundation (CEF)

We save the lives of children and their families. We enable people to provide for themselves, and we constantly search for more effective solutions, while sharing our knowledge and expertise with the world. We push for long-term change. We are committed to building inclusive workplaces welcoming people from different backgrounds

We operate in the fragile and volatile settings of Nigeria. Where communities and governments struggle to absorb and mitigate economic, political, and environmental shocks and risks. And where a lot of citizens do not have access to even the most basic services, due to poverty or armed conflict.

We address these causes of fragility. We support local communities in creating food security, livelihood, offering WASH and education, assuring access to justice (protection), and promoting gender equality. We empower people economically, facilitate jobs, and foster inclusive economic growth.

Job Title: Protection Volunteer

Location: Abuja 

Job Summary:

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The Protection volunteer is responsible for designing, implementing, and overseeing programs and initiatives aimed at safeguarding the rights, safety, and dignity of vulnerable populations, including refugees, internally displaced persons, or individuals affected by conflict, violence, or other humanitarian crises.


  • Conduct assessments to identify protection risks and needs within the target population and develop strategies to address them.
  • Develop and design protection programs and interventions tailored to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of the affected population, such as child protection, gender-based violence prevention, or human rights promotion.
  • Provide direct support to individuals in need, including counseling, legal aid, and referral services, and maintain accurate case records.
  • Facilitate community awareness and engagement activities to promote understanding of rights, protection issues, and available services.
  • Advocate for the rights and protection of vulnerable populations, including lobbying for policy changes and advocating for access to essential services.
  • Build the capacity of local staff, community leaders, and partner organizations to effectively address protection concerns.
  • Establish monitoring and evaluation systems to track the impact of protection programs and ensure accountability.
  • Prepare regular reports on protection activities, including statistics, case studies, and program updates, for donors, partners, and authorities.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other organizations, government agencies, and stakeholders to ensure a holistic approach to protection issues.
  • Respond to protection needs in emergency situations, including conflict, natural disasters, or displacement crises.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by Head of Programs

Required Qualification                                  

Experience and Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work, international relations, human rights, law, or any other related field.
  • 2-3 years of experience in protection work, including experience working in humanitarian settings or with vulnerable populations.
  • Strong understanding of international human rights and humanitarian law, protection principles, and the needs of vulnerable populations.
  • Proficiency in case management and support services for individuals in distress.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to assess complex protection challenges.
  • Empathetic and compassionate, with a genuine commitment to the well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and data management software.


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