Imo Human Rights Anchors 2023 Call For Applications At CSAAE


Imo Human Rights Anchors 2023 Call For Applications At CSAAE

In recognizing the importance of promoting human rights and empowering youths of Imo State to advocate for the protection of the rights of Imo indigenes, the Center for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, seeks to amplify the voices of the young indigenes in Imo State yearns for a more inclusive State where the human rights of all Imo indigenes are respected and upheld.
On this note, CSAAE is pleased to welcome applications for Imo Human Rights Anchors who will lead initiatives to foster positive change, raise awareness and work towards ensuring the protection and promotion of human rights in Imo State, Nigeria.
We hereby invite vibrant young persons who are passionate about human rights and civic engagement to apply to become Human Rights Anchors. One youth Anchor will be selected per Local Government Area, across the 27 Local Government Areas in Imo State. In the next (1) year, Human Rights Anchors shall work with CSAAE, our local and international partners, and relevant government agencies to track cases of human rights abuses in their Local Government Areas, strengthen the protection of human rights, raise awareness, and foster a culture of respect for human rights within Imo State and its local communities.
Together, we can be the change we want to see in our communities.

 Must be a Nigerian citizen.
 Must be an indigene of Imo State.
 Must be between 18-40 years old.
 Must live in Imo State.
 Must be passionate about community service, human rights protection & promotion, civic advocacy and volunteering.

 Actively promote and raise awareness about human rights concerns within their respective communities.
 Conduct awareness campaigns to educate community members about their human rights and empower them to exercise those rights.
 Monitor human rights violations in their communities and document incidents, ensuring accurate and timely reporting to relevant authorities or organizations.
 Provide support and assistance to individuals or groups whose human rights have been violated, including offering guidance, counselling, and connecting them with appropriate resources or legal aid.
 Engage in advocacy campaigns to influence policy change and promote the adoption of human rights-friendly legislation in Imo State.
 Conduct research on human rights issues specific to Imo State, gather data, and develop reports and publications to inform policy decisions and raise awareness.
 IMO Human Rights Anchors shall contribute to drafting questions for a survey of public opinion on human rights abuses in their communities. They shall support the dissemination of the survey to the members of their communities.

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 Human Rights Anchors will be provided with a platform to actively engage in human rights advocacy within their communities, by gaining the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to effectively champion human rights causes.
 IMO Human Rights Anchors (IHRAs) shall benefit from an all-expense paid capacity building series and training on human rights monitoring and reporting.
 IHRAs shall receive financial assistance to support their work in the communities.
 By monitoring and documenting human rights violations, the Anchors hold perpetrators of human rights abuses accountable. Their efforts contribute to a more transparent and just society, promoting the rule of law and ensuring that human rights violations are properly addressed.
 Through their advocacy campaigns, the Anchors advocate for policy changes that promote and protect human rights including their rights.
 Participation in the network offers personal growth opportunities for the youth involved, by developing leadership skills, expanding their knowledge of human rights, and gaining valuable experiences in advocacy and community engagement.
 CSAAE will work with Anchors interested in pursuing careers in human rights to land opportunities.

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