Gender equality & women economic empowerment Internship AT 2SCALE



The 2SCALE program[1] is designed to incubate and accelerate inclusive business development in African agri-food systems. 2SCALE works together with companies (African, Dutch and other small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs) and producer organizations (POs) to develop business models and partnership models that promote inclusiveness, develop competitive edge, and have potential for scaling. These partnerships, also referred to as public-private partnerships (PPPs), are the core implementation modality to achieve the objectives of the program.

Scope of Work

Country Abuja, Nigeria

Dates July 1 – Sept 30, 2020 (renewable once)

Specifically, 2SCALE supports partnerships in target agri-food industries with significant potential to:

  • improve food and nutrition security, both at grassroots level and at the consumer end of the value chain by serving local and regional markets (including Base-of-the-Pyramid – BoP – markets) with nutritious food products.
  • improve the terms of inclusion of smallholder farmers and other micro-, small-, and mediumsized enterprises (MSMEs) in the value chains
  • attract and employ the youth
  • engage and empower women

To strengthen PPPs, 2SCALE also collaborates with companies and organizations that provide a specific expertise to support the target agri-food value chains or act as a major off-taker in the chain.

2SCALE is co-funded by the private sector and by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS). Building on a first phase (2012-18), the current phase of 2SCALE runs from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023. It is awarded to a consortium led by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) and comprising the Base-of-the-Pyramid Innovation Center (BoPInc) and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV).

Gender equality & women economic empowerment

From 2012 to 2018, 2SCALE designed and implemented a specific approach on gender mainstreaming in agribusiness partnerships, which was documented in a thematic paper published in 2017 in both English and French. The approach, best practices, but also challenges experienced in the first phase served as a solid foundation to design a strategy for gender equality (GE) and Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) under 2SCALE 2019-23. The new strategy goes also beyond the program’s past experience in gender mainstreaming, to ensure more gendertransformative changes and a better alignment with 2SCALE’s new ambitions related to GE/WEE by 2023.

The program has set ambitious targets (‘universal impact indicators’) for improving the terms of inclusion of female actors in target value chains, thus contributing to more GE/WEE. In line with 2SCALE’s GE/WEE strategy, and in order to reach those ambitious targets, 2SCALE staff is responsible for GE/WEE in her/his scope of activities. This is translated into individual and team annual performance goals related to gender. One of 2SCALE country team goals is to better document GE/WEE best practices and lessons learned, through notes, field stories, and case studies.

In support to these team efforts, 2SCALE proposes to host a GE/WEE intern in each of its 8 focus countries, including Nigeria.

Objectives of the internship

  • Strengthen the knowledge and skills in GE/WEE of a motivated local intern, in the context of a business-oriented development program.
  • Support the 2SCALE country team to identify and document best GE/WEE practices and lessons learned.
  • Develop a first set of GE/WEE case studies.


  1. Participate actively in the gender coaching trajectory offered by 2SCALE. This will include one-on-one coaching sessions (distance) on a regular basis according to a schedule discussed with the gender coach.
  2. Analyze documents relevant to 2SCALE PPPs, GE and WEE in the country of focus.
  3. Have field visits and organize surveys and interviews with field partners. In particular, collect testimonies from female actors in the PPPs: farmers, processors, business owners, etc.
  4. Identify best practices related to GE/WEE that were implemented by field partners, as well as challenges and lessons learned. Document them.

Environmental screening and mitigation measures

This documentation assignment will not have any significant adverse effect on the environment.


Gender coaching trajectory deliverablesTBCTBCAs required by the gender coach
Fact sheets or notes on best practicesWord or PWTSept 20, 2020Format to be agreed upon with the gender coach
Fact sheets or notes on lessons learnedWord or PWTSept 20, 2020Format to be agreed upon with the gender coach
Case studyWordSept 20, 2020Format to be agreed upon with the gender coach


The intern will be posted at Abuja. S/he will travel in-country to meet with field partners.

Collaboration and Reporting 

The GE/WEE intern will be coached by Jacqueline Terrillon, gender coach, and report on a daily basis to the country gender relay person. S/he will also collaborate closely with partnership facilitators and thematic specialists based in-country and in other 2SCALE focus countries.

  • Desired date for the beginning of the contract: as soon as possible
  • Recruitment procedure: Preselection on files – oral or written test – Interviews
  • NB: Women are highly encouraged to apply

Interested candidates (preferably women) can apply until June 17, 2020 by sending application including

CV and cover letter, names and contacts of two reference persons to and

 Only the preselected candidates will be contacted.